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People from across Canada are asking our experts questions about family law, individuals rights and how men can better improve their lives.  “Ask an Expert” is one of the many tools developed by The Men’s Centre in an effort to assist those who couldn’t otherwise obtain the information easily. “Ask an Expert” answers your frequently asked questions on a variety of timely topics … useful answers by real experts on the subject. Throughout the year, we will feature a variety of local experts who will be ready and waiting to answer your questions on topics ranging from family law, to health improvement, to social issues, and many more. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to seek professional advice on the issues that matter to you – and it’s free! You can submit your question to one of our experts at

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Neil Tessler, Naturopathic Physician

Neil Tessler, Naturopathic Physician

Garth Edwards, Family Lawyer

Garth Edwards, Family Lawyer

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