Contest Rules

To enter the Contest, you must register with by using the registration form, or your Facebook credentials. Please note that no activity on the website will be shared with your Facebook site. After registering or logging in with your facebook profile, you must go into the forums/writing contest area and join the group called “Writing Contest” and enter your submission.

Previously published works, either in print or the internet (including self-published works and works that have been broadcast or delivered in front of a public audience), are considered not eligible for the competition.

All personal information is collected by solely for the purposes of administering this Contest and shall not be used for any other purpose without your expressed consent.

The winner will be contacted through Facebook or email no later than October 31, 2013.

In submitting their work, each participant grants the following licenses free of charge and irrevocably:

·         The non-exclusive right to reproduce and publish the work submitted on the websites and platforms controlled or authorized by

                In accepting the prize, the winner grants the all rights, including the following   licences:

·         The right to reproduce and publish it on the websites and platforms controlled or authorized by

·         The right to make an audio/video recording by means of any existing, or not-yet-invented technology. To distribute and broadcast readings of works, or excerpts therefrom, in the original language on networks and websites/platforms controlled or authorized by .

·         The right to edit, abridge, or excerpt the work for the purposes of publication or broadcast. (The author will be consulted if significant edits are necessary.)

·         Any sales of future merchandise – net income from any use of merchandise shall be split 50/50 between and the author(s).

·         The right to use his/her name, image, and/or voice may be used for advertising purposes related to this Contest free of charge.

Moreover, the winner, as well as the people accompanying them, or their parents or guardians if the winners are minors, shall agree, if necessary, to have their name and/or picture, including their photograph, and/or their voice used for advertising purposes related to this competition, free of charge.

For the purpose of clarity, the licences granted to for all territories throughout the world (unless another agreement is reached with are exclusive for a year from the date of acceptance of the prize and non-exclusive thereafter.

These licences include the rights for to grant sub-licences in order to exercise the rights granted by this licence.

The prize decision is final.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for the writing contest has been extended to October 25th at 4:30 PM Pacific Time due to some technical difficulties of some of the entrants.

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